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Here's to you Tim...

Tim Russert, director of NBC's Political Coverage and legendary political reporter passed away today while working at NBC's Washington News Bureau.  Tim is someone I've watched for as long as I've been politically conscious, and he's someone I've admired for his tenacity and assertiveness in bringing politics up, rather than engaging in the mudslinging and punditry.

For years now I've watched Meet the Press (admittedly the much later re-air rather than the Sunday Morning broadcast), and it won't be the same anymore.

This election, no matter who you support, will not be the same without Tim Russert guiding us through with his whiteboard, his observations, and his honest belief that politics can give us hope, rather than bring us down.  I realize this has nothing to do with the Jaguars or the NFL, but it's important to remember one of the bright spots of journalism.

Here's to you Tim, thank you for everything.