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Better Know the Jacksonville Jaguars: Wide Receivers Coach Todd Monken

Todd Monken

Coaching Experience
1989-90  Grand Valley State (assistant coach)
1991-92  Notre Dame (graduate assistant)
1993-99 Eastern Michigan (defensive backs, 1993; wide receivers, punt return unit, 1994-97; offensive coordinator, quarterbacks, 1998-99)
2000-01 Louisiana Tech (running backs/recruiting coordinator, 2000; wide receivers, 2001)
2002-04 Oklahoma State (pass game coordinator, wide receivers)
2005 LSU (passing game coordinator/wide receivers)

Todd is the son of a high school coach and was a QB while at Knox College. He never dreamed of being an NFL coach and it wasn’t until 2003 when Oklahoma State University went to the Cotton Bowl that he realized coaching would be his career. A class act all around, Todd is known as a coach who demands the best from his squad and doesn’t mince words. Here’s what he had to say shortly after his arrival to Jacksonville in regards to Reggie Williams and Matt Jones.

“If they don't do it right, they can't be here,” he said. “I don't know what else to say. I can't put my family on the line for guys that don't do it right. . . . Guys take reps based on where they're at. If they (Williams and Jones) can't figure it out, you can't paint more of a vivid picture. It's time for Reggie and Matt to do it. If not now, when?”

 Precisely the kind of guy we want in there! It looks like Reggie responded to the challenge put forth by his new coach, while Matt just decided to go fishing.   From what I’ve heard, Reggie and Todd were connected at the hip last year and Reggie responded with a breakout season. Troy Williamson is currently employing the same tactic, and hopefully he will replicate Reggie’s results. If Todd can cure Troy’s pervading case of the drops, than his Guru status will be unquestioned.

Troy Williamson seems to be "catching" on.
Impression: The Vikings bust of a receiver has caught everything during OTA practices and was the star of this past weekend's minicamp. He has routinely run by defensive backs and caught long passes. It seems receivers’ coach Todd Monken continues to have a positive impact on his receivers.

  Our receiving corps is arguably the most improved position on the field and we have Todd to thank for that. Todd came to us last year and this will be his second season with the team. He presided over Reggie Williams career season last year and he appears to connect with the players. Northcutt went from a slot receiver in Cleveland to our #1 last year. Overall, he coached up what was an abhorrent group in 2006 and led them to become an average group last year. There’s no reason not to expect the trend to continue this season due to the influx of new talent at WR.

 Monken has never been a head coach either at the collegiate or professional level and this is his first NFL gig, however, he had tremendous success in the NCAA and coached a few top receivers. Dwayne Bowe, who was the Chiefs’ best WR last year, flourished under the tutelage of Coach Monken and he obviously came to the NFL ready to compete at a higher level.

 Todd coached current Jaguar and OTA standout D’Juan Woods at LSU along with his older brother Rashaun (a former first round pick). D’Juan’s familiarity with Monken may be a contributing factor to his lightning quick development from last year to now, although I doubt he’ll make the team this season. My point is that Todd can really coach up the WR position and has an uncanny ability to make even pedestrian players look like professionals.

 Here’s what he had to say about the difference between the NFL and college game.

Monken is trying to adjust to a new level of competition in the NFL. "We don't have the recruiting," he noted. "In college, there's always one more letter to write, one more text message to send or call to make. Now, that's not even on my mind." Monken knew when he accepted the job that adversity will come—as it always does in the pros—but he signed on anyway. "The safe thing would have been to stay at Louisiana State," said Monken. "But without risk, there's no reward. And the risk was worth it."

He may not be able to turn Matt Jones from a fisherman into a wideout, but if he can turn Troy’s hands from stone, back to flesh and blood, then I’ll dub him a miracle worker.




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