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Jaguars Cut Speedster...

In an under whelming off-season move the Jags broke ties with a speed-demon they signed not long ago. Derrick Richards was a former track star and it was hoped he would compete on special teams, however, the recent signing of Thorpe meant room had to be made on the roster

This proves once again that speed isn't everything in the NFL. Richards ran a 4.36 40-yard dash and it was thought he might be able to translate that athleticism into a punt pr kick-returning gig in the NFL. The Jags didn't think he'd pan out so they cut him. The life of a fledgling NFL player struggling to make it to the big leagues is one of tumult and constant upheavals. They aren't given much of a look from NFL teams and if they don't show something spectacular when they get the chance, they are cut. Keep in mind the only time they saw Richards was at the OTA's we've had. Let's see someone try to tell Derrick that OTA's don't matter because they are workouts in shorts. You have to give it up to cats like him for showing such determination. Best of luck Derrick!