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Quick Bytes: Only four more Tuesdays till Training Camp, edition.

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Quick Bytes: The daily digest of everything you need to know about the Jacksonville Jaguars (and other things).
Happy Tuesday!  I hope you're enjoying the "dead zone" as much as I am.  With all this time on their hands, the sportswriters who decide to not go on vacation (I'm talking to you Peter King) tend to start speculating about the 2008 season.  Some go as far as Dr. Z did and pick the Vikings to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl, which is crazy. 

Now before we get to the "bytes", there's some stuff in the pipeline for Big Cat Country that you should be aware of.  First off, we're going to have a follow-up interview with Quarterback Paul Smith with his thoughts on minicamp, preparing for training camp, and perhaps an insiders perspective on what's shaking at wide receiver.  There's also going to be some "meta"-Jaguars discussion with a few of the primary journalists who cover the team.

Of course, you're also going to see our breakdown of who makes the roster, some head to heads, and some surprises.  I'll spoil one of them, Big Cat Country will host it's first podcast/radio show sometime in the next week!  I just have to get over my microphone fright and see how it works out.

On to the links!

: Is the end of the Jason Taylor drama near?  There are rumors that Taylor could go to Green Bay.  Adam Schein of Fox Sports thinks this is a good idea.  If it cost a 3rd round pick, I'd still trade for him.  Call me crazy (seriously), but if he's still around into training camp, I'd strongly consider making another phone call.

: Speaking of Fox Sports, Alex Marvez writes up a nice article about David Garrard.  David's done a nice job creating an image around dressing well, because that's typically the lede of any story written about him.

With the trust of coaches and teammates now secured, the Jaguars rewarded Garrard this off-season with a six-year, $60-million contract extension that included $20 million guaranteed. The windfall has provided financial security for Garrard's family, which now includes a nine-month-old son, and the luxury of buying more custom-made suits. He owns 12, with several on order from a Jacksonville tailor for the 2008 season.

"I always have been into clothes," Garrard says. "I haven't always been able to afford the things I like to do but now it's a little different."

: ESPN's "Scouts Inc" did a roundtable about the AFC South.  Sadly, most of it is behind the subscription wall, but here's a sneek peek:

(On the best Offense in the AFC South)
Jeremy Green: The best offense in the AFC South does not belong to the Indianapolis Colts, but rather the Jacksonville Jaguars. Last season the Colts finished No. 3 in scoring, and the Jaguars No. 6. The Jaguars did this without a receiver or tight end you could even classify as a great No. 2. With the additions of veteran WR Jerry Porter and WR Troy Williamson who has looked excellent in the OTAs, along with a maturing tight end in Marcedes Lewis, all of a sudden this is an explosive offense. The Colts have the better quarterback in Peyton Manning, but David Garrard is a Pro Bowl-caliber quarterback.

(On the best Defense in the AFC South)
Matt Williamson: The Colts are an underrated group, but with Freeney's and Sanders' injury concerns, I am going to give the slight edge to Jacksonville, especially with Gregg Williams now leading its defense. Under Williams, the Jags should be more aggressive coming after opposing quarterbacks with the additions of DEs Derrick Harvey and Quentin Groves through the draft. Tennessee cannot be overlooked in this discussion either, but I am going with Jacksonville.
: John Clayton has concerns about the Jaguars Offensive Line:

Lots of questions remain along the offensive line. Maurice Williams, Uche Nwaneri and Dennis Norman are in a three-way battle for the starting right guard spot, although Williams should be considered the favorite because he signed a four-year, $12.5 million extension. Left tackle is another question mark. Richard Collier is battling with last year's starter, Khalif Barnes, for the starting job.

All in all, the offensive line doesn't look as stable as it was a year ago. The team released guard Chris Naeole, who was perhaps the line's most consistent performer. Right tackle Tony Pashos remains a work in progress. Even though the team has more options than it did a year ago at this time, the blocking might not be as good. Still, there is plenty of competition, which could be a good thing.

: Vince Young wants to throw the deep ball.  I ask, to whom will you throw said deep ball?  I imagine Gregg Williams salivates when he hears things like this about the Titans offensive coordinator:

And he's more of a stretch-the-field guy than Chow. Heimerdinger will call for a deep ball on third-and-1.

I'd love to see the Titans commit to poor play-calling on 3rd and 1.  Though in all fairness, calling a deep ball on third-and-1 is really just calling a shotgun spread option, where Vince Young would run for it. 

: Undrafted Free Agent Receiver Derrick Richards was released this week.  While I never thought he'd make the roster, he certainly seemed talented.  I hope another team takes a look at him.