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Paul Spicer Signs Contract Extension!


Jacksonville Jaguars defensive end Paul Spicer  signed a contract extension today.  According to a league source and posted on Pro Football Talk, Spicer signed a two year, eight million dollar extension.  Paul led the Jaguars in sacks last year and served as a leader on the field and in the locker room.  There was some worry that Spicer could be a problem as he missed part of the Jaguars offseason training activities. 

The Jaguars approach training camp with the idea of having Paul Spicer the clear starter at left defensive end and a position battle on the right side.  The extension of Spicer is going to send a message to Reggie Hayward that if he's not 100% as we go into training camp, he could find himself off the team.  The Jaguars have a crowded field on the defensive line, and if you work through the guys that are nearly assured roster spots, it's clear that someone like Hayward could be cut.  If Spicer, Harvey, and Groves are locks at end, and Meier, Henderson, and McDaniel are set at tackle, there are only 2 or 3 spots available for other defensive linemen.

Locking up Paul Spicer is a good thing for the players because it shows that the Jaguars are a team that rewards leadership and solid play, even for an older veteran.  Should Spicer have as good of a year in 2008 as he did last season, the Jaguars are well on their way to a top ranked defense.