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OTA Review: Mike Walker

Mike Walker has only been at a few OTA's, but his presence is already being felt throughout the organization. He's making circus catches and doing so with ease. He's fast; make that blazing fast. However, he's got a bit of a long stride, but not as bad as the stride Matt Jones employs, so his raw speed (no pads)translates better on the field than does Jones'.

I used to attend UCF and followed their program with Coach O'Leary at the helm. This kid can catch and was undaunted by having to deal with a below average QB and constant double coverage during his tenure. He was a first round talent who slipped to the third because every team knew he had one year of IR ahead of him before he would even have the opportunity to succeed.

It takes guts to make a move on a guy when you know he needs a full year of recovery under his belt. This only further underscores how lucky we are to have the front office and coaching staff we do. Shack and Gene are great and deserve some real credit for the talent they've accumulated.

Below is an excerpt from an article you can find here


He made two of the most impressive catches of the day, twice diving to reel in passes.

Walker made a third eye-popping grab when he fell backward and pulled in a bullet pass on a short route near the sideline. That catch prompted a slap on his helmet from the man covering him - safety Gerald Sensabaugh - who said, "Man, I didn't even know you were out here. Good catch."

"I thought it was a good first impression," said Gene Smith, the Jaguars' executive director of college and pro personnel. "He came out here today probably a little further along than I anticipated in terms of him being able to get in and out of breaks. He's always been able to catch the ball, and there's not a ball that looks uncomfortable for him to catch.