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Help Jaxson De Ville beat the Tennesee Titans

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Jaxson De Ville is going head to head with the dreaded Tennessee Titans "mascot" T-Rac.  I don't know who in their right mind thinks that a racoon makes for a good mascot, but I don't want to pass judgement on the fine folks of Tennessee.  They just don't know better about mascots.  T-rac might have ruined Adrian McPherson's knee with a golf cart, but Jaxson is the personal nemisis of Colts GM Bill Polian.  They re-wrote the Mascot Rule Book because of Jaxon. 

So, in order to defend his honor, I demand that everyone who reads this go to the CBS Sportsline vote page and help keep Jaxson on top of the voting.  We cannot let the tyranny of poorly-chosen mascots ruin our day!