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Jacksonville Jaguars Minicamp Report: Friday Morning Session



[Note by River City Rage, 06/06/08 1:45 PM EDT ]:Updated with "mystery player" information.

As you probably know, the Jaguars held their first minicamp practice session this morning.  Big Cat Country and had the only live coverage of the practice, and will do so again for the afternoon session at 4:15.  Before I break down some of the highs and lows of the first session, I'd like to give a big thanks to Robb and Charlie of JagNation for their hard work during the camp. 

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Minicamp Notes:

Mystery Solved: Unknown Players were:

Wide Receiver Rod Gardner, formerly of the Chiefs

Running Back Ciatrick Fason, formerly of the Vikings and Florida Gators

Wide Receiver Brandon Brezell, undrafted free-agent from UCLA

Ryan Hogue, unknown

Tight End Marcades Lewis was practicing and participating.  Reports of a more serious injury look to be misinformed.

Linebacker Justin Durant practiced with the first team offense, replacing Clint Ingram.  The Durant/Ingram battle for the starters spot is one of the more interesting going into the season.  Ingram's proven himself as a starter, but Durant has a higher ceiling and incredible speed.

Designated Pass Rusher/DE/Linebacker Brent Hawkins worked as a strong-side linebacker with the third team defense.  With Groves and Harvey in the picture, Brent's best shot at a roster spot is as a linebacker. 

Quarterback Todd Bouman is throwing really well, one notable play was a perfect play-action deep throw to Troy Williamson, who caught it over Gerald Sensabaugh and Scott Starks.

Running Back Maurice Jones-Drew had an 80 to 180 yard touchdown run, sort of.

Two "Mystery Receivers" appeared at Mminicamp, neither are known as of now.  More to come as this develops. 

The Defensive Ends were "unimpressive", but most of that comes from the lack of serious contact.

The Jaguars passing game was slow to get started when they practiced against the defense, but did eventually find a groove.  David Garrard looks 100% better today than he did at this point last year.

Jerry Porter had limited participation in individual drills, but did not run.  He's favoring one leg a bit, but was mainly an observer.

Wide Receiver D'Juan Woods was not as outstanding as you'd expect considering the praise that he's received during OTA's.

Receiver Jeron Harvey looks just like Ernest Wilford, wears #19 like Ernest Wilford, and plays like Ernest Wilford. He's still a very long shot to make the roster, but someone to watch for.

Defensive End and 4th round draft pick Brian Smith did some stretching, but was an otherwise non-factor.

Reggie Williams dropped one pass, otherwise caught everything in sight.  No dancing, sadly.

More Live Coverage:

I will be back, live at 4:15 EST, with the next practice session!