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Jaguars Minicamp Coverage: PM Session (6.6)


[Note by River City Rage, 06/06/08 5:18 PM EDT ]: The live coverage, sadly, had to end.  But that's not the end of our coverage, we'll be here all weekend with the latest news, position battles, and updates!

Just like earlier, and Big Cat Country will continue our live coverage of Minicamp.  This time it's the afternoon session where we should have some Mike Walker action, as well as a little more 11 on 11 practices.  You can listen to the coverage by clicking play on the widget just above this text, or go to TalkShoe and join in the chat room.  I'll be taking questions, doing commentary, and otherwise entertaining as best I can during the exciting hamstring stretches and other idle pauses.

If you'd like to catch up on the first session, here are two fantastic writeups:

FBT of Jaguars Journal: "Camping with FBT "

Su héroe's take: Minicamp Report (6/6 AM Session)

Finally, don't forget about the Brad Meester/Parkersburgh Iowa Fund-Raiser Contest!