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Brian Williams: Not Guilty, Acquited of DUI

Brian Williams

Earlier today Brian was completely exonerated from any wrongdoing in conjunction with his 2006 DUI arrest. I expected as much, and called it right on. That cop was clearly in no position to prove anything. There was nothing that corroborated the officer's testimony in regards to the arrest, or the now infamous (and most likely imaginary) "Rant". Brian's a stand-up guy and hasn't had a peep of trouble since the alleged incident occurred, which makes it seem all the more like an aberration.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Jacksonville Jaguars defensive back Brian Williams has been found not guilty of drunk driving after a night of partying.

The athlete showed no reaction as the verdict was read Thursday. Had he been convicted, he faced up to a year in jail.

Officers say Williams swerved his Jaguar in front of a patrol car and had watery and bloodshot eyes and smelled of alcohol when he was arrested in September 2006. Authorities also said Williams was verbally abusive.

Williams testified he was not intoxicated, but acknowledged he lied when an officer asked him if he had any drinks.

Williams first pleaded no contest, but was allowed to drop his plea and go to trial.

There was no case here, only a witch-hunt that resulted in Brian's name being dragged through the mud. I think Brian responded very well to the situation. He didn't call out the cops publicly as liars, he kept a low profile, and he proved his case in court. It's unfortunate he had to go through this, but hopefully it'll be a reminder for Jacksonville's police force to follow proper procedures in the future.

For 2 years now Brian's had this hanging over his head and it has tainted the fans' perceptions of him ever since it occurred. Now we learn that Brian never really said all the horrible things which got leaked to the press (he did curse, but didn't say what was reported), in fact, there wasn't enough to convict him on the DUI! Forgive me for being a little hot under the collar, but this not only damaged the Brian's reputation, it damaged the entire city and Jaguar organization. Not to mention it cost the taxpayers' money for nothing. Oh well, I guess the Federal Reserve will just print more anyways...


Click here for a detailed account of Williams' view of how the incident occurred.