Quick Bytes: "Shocking" Matt Jones News

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: In the continuing sad saga of the Matt Jones cocaine incident, the Times Union has this to report

On advice from an attorney, Jaguars wide receiver Matt Jones isn't speaking about being charged with felony possession of cocaine. But his father, Steve Jones, issued a statement to KNWA-TV in Fayetteville, Ark., in which the receiver denied having any responsibility for the six grams of cocaine that were found in a sport-utility vehicle and ultimately led to his arrest early Thursday morning. "Matt is anxious to make a statement and wants to make a statement," said the statement issued to the television station. "His attorney has advised him to not say anything until they have had a chance to speak together. They will release a statement at the appropriate time."

I for one hope that Jones will get whatever problems in life behind him and revive his career, whether with the Jaguars or somewhere else.

Pro Football Weekly says a source with the Jaguars deems it "shocking" if Jones is on the roster.

After three uninspiring years in Jacksonville, WR Matt Jones was a very realistic bet to be cut in training camp. Following his felony arrest on cocaine possession charges, he all but sealed his fate. In the words of one team source we talked to, it would be “shocking” to see him in a Jags uniform in 2008.

That's all for now, more coming as it develops.

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