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AFC South Update: Peyton Manning undergoes Knee Surgery


Indianapolis assures us that Peyton Manning is in no danger of missing time after a bear attack.

Indianapolis Quarterback Peyton Manning underwent a surgical procedure to remove an inflamed bursa sac, according to a statement made by general manager Bill Polian on Monday afternoon. 

The Statement:

“Peyton Manning had an infected bursa sac removed from his left knee this afternoon. The procedure was routine. The Colts’ medical staff expects a full and complete return to action in four to six weeks.

“Peyton had been receiving conservative treatment for an inflamed bursa sac in consultation with the club’s medical staff since February, 2008. This course of treatmentwas productive until Peyton experienced increased pain and early signs of infection.

“Peyton will meet with the press as normally scheduled at the opening of training camp.”

Don't Panic, Everything is normal, There is nothing to worry about:

The Indianapolis Colts are the only team in the league that I've ever observed that have such a casual attitude toward injuries.  They have their franchise quarterback and most important player undergoing surgery for an infected knee, two all-pro defensive players in Bob Sanders and Dwight Freeney missing time from surgeries of various significance, and a starting linebacker that tears a pectoral muscle during a workout.  But there's never anything to worry about.

I bring this up here for two reasons.  1. If there was any doubt that the Jaguars time in the AFC South is now, it's gone.  While a perfect victory against the Colts means that they lose at full strength, it's undeniable that this is something to keep an eye on. 

2.  To make clear that this injury and procedure are minor as far as knee surgeries go, and despite the implication of sites like ProFootballTalk, this will probably be long behind Manning and the Colts by the time we meet on the field.

Let's be clear.  When the Jaguars defeat the Colts, it's better for them to do so with Freeney, Sanders, Manning and everyone else at full health.  It's all about removing the "yeah, but" from the Jaguars, and it's all about beating the healthy and functional Colts.

So, let me be the first to wish Manning a quick recovery.  I know Derrick, Quentin, Paul, Rob, John, Reggie, Derek, Justin, Mike, Daryl, Rashean, Brian, Reggie, Gerald, and Drayton are all thinking the same thing.

Get Well Soon!