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Matt Jones: Rumors and Speculation


There's a  rumor flying around that Matt Jones is in Jacksonville today and meeting with the Jaguars.

There's also the classic public relations news of dropping "bad" stories late in the afternoon on Fridays, when the cycle is shut down for the weekend. If Matt Jones is in Jacksonville, and IF the Jaguars are going to cut him, late afternoon on Friday is a good time to do it.  This happens all the time in politics, typically in the form of a news dump at 4:50 on Fridays in Washington.  By the time Monday comes around the perception is that the story is old news and gets passed over.

I've not found any hard confirmation that Matt is in the building, but there's enough smoke here to suspect some sort of fire.  As soon as I do, I'll update this accordingly.


There's no way the Jaguars open training camp on Friday with Matt Jones on the roster.  The intimacy of players and fans, as well as the distaste toward Jones by his teammates because of perceptions of being lazy would turn camp into a circus.  Because he's a bubble player anyhow, the Jaguars should let the players who want to be there compete and cut the dead-weight that is Matt Jones.

More to come as it comes!