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Introducing: FSBlueApocalypse

[Note by River City Rage, 07/19/08 12:51 AM EDT ] We've added a new writer here at Big Cat Country.  I'd like to introduce to you John, who's kind enough to join our crew here at BCC! -Chris

As some of you have probably noticed my screen name in the bylines of a few recent articles, thought it would be good to let you guys know a little bit about the newest second rate hack writer for BCC.

My pseudo journalistic credentials include a two year writing stint for, a Florida State Football fan site. In addition, I have published articles featured in the newsletters of several sties, including, and This is the first time I’ve written for a non-college centric site, but the Jaguars are my true passion so I doubt it will make a difference.

My parents got season tickets when the team was announced, I was at the first preseason game against the St Louis Rams, the first game against the Houston Oilers, our first win at home vs Pittsburgh, our first Monday night game, the 1999 AFC Championship game,  the first home game of the Del Rio era against Buffalo, and many other memories good and bad.

I’m a senior at Florida State University, currently majoring in rum and cokes International Affairs/Economics with a minor in journalism

All in all, as it seems the internet is diametrically opposed to quality control, I hope to keep BCC from falling into that trap.