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2008 Season Game by Game Prediction 2.0

This was done already when the schedule was released, however, with free agency and the draft gone and training camp near, I believe this needed to be revisited. Let's take off the Teal and Black glasses and see how things might unfold over the year. This is of course assuming David Garrard won't have a season ending injury or Rashean Mathis quits football for golf.

Week 1 Sept 7th CBS

@ Tennessee Titans

In last years season opener against the Titans, we allowed Chris Brown to look like Jim Brown because we feared the big play from Vince Young. Over the course of the last two years, it become apparent that once you stop caring, and assume Young will have his one highlight play, he’s ineffective under pressure. Overall, we should walk out of Nashville with an easy win

Prediction: 28-17 Jaguars (1-0)

Week 2 Sept 14th CBS

Buffalo Bills

The return of Marcus Stroud to Jacksonville, and with him a Bills team that is a fancy dark horse pick to make the playoffs. Unfortunately, they still have QB issues and Marshawn Lynch might be in a jail cell or suspended.

Prediction: 34-13 Jaguars (2-0)

Week 3 Sept 21st CBS

@ Indianapolis Colts

This will be the first game that will see if managing the draft on Derrick Harvey and Quentin Groves was a good idea or not for the Jaguars. However, this will probably be too early on the learning curve and while it will be close, going to swallow my pride for now.

Prediction: 27-23 Colts (2-1)

Week 4 Sept 28th CBS

Houston Texans

Ah the trap game we always love to lose. Coming off a disappointing loss to Indy and facing an underwhelming Houston team is the usual hallmark of a Jaguars loss. However, if we are to be a serious contender, we need this win.

Prediction: 24-9 Jaguars (3-1)

Week 5 Oct 5th NBC

Pittsburgh Steelers

Everyone wants to say the Steelers are in a rebuilding mode, however I think they got the steal of the draft with Rashard Mendenhall falling to them. Expect another tough, physical game.

Prediction: 17-14 Jaguars (4-1)

Week 6 Oct 12th CBS

@ Denver Broncos

They still have Jay Cutler at QB and Travis Henry is as good as gone.

Prediction: 28-17 Jaguars (5-1)

Week 8 Oct 26th CBS

Cleveland Browns

The NFL is certainly riding the Browns bandwagon, and with a weak AFC North they should come in with a good record. However, I see them as being more of a product of their division than real contenders.

Prediction: Jaguars 27-19 (6-1)

Week 9 Nov 2nd CBS

@ Cincinnati Bengals

Who knows what shape the Bengals could be in, thought it probably won’t be very good. Even then, with Carson Palmer and Chad Johnson they can still put up a lot of points.

Prediction: Jaguars 31-24 (7-1)

Week 10 Nov 9th CBS

@ Detroit

It’s the Lions.

Prediction: 38-9 Jaguars (8-1)

Week 11 Nov 16th CBS

Tennessee Titans

A possible must win for both teams here, for the Titans playoff hopes and the Jaguars division title hopes. However, I go with the home team.

Prediction: 21-10 Jaguars (9-1)

Week 12 Nov 23rd FOX

Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings have perhaps the best backfield behind the QB in the NFL. Too bad they have the worst QB in the NFL.

Prediction: 28-16 Jaguars (10-1)

Week 13 December 1st ESPN

@ Houston Texans

This will be Houston’s first Monday Night game since the Oilers skipped town, plus what will a Jags season be without an unexpected loss?

Prediction: 21-16 Texans (10-2)

Week 14 December 7th CBS

@Chicago Bears

Sadly enough, I think this team is built better to play a cold, windy day in Chicago than the Bears are right now.
Prediction: 21-9 Jaguars (11-2)

Week 15 December 14th FOX

Green Bay Packers

Why do I have a feeling the ESPN bottom line will still have a ticker that says FAVRE, right next to NFL, NHL, and NBA to it when this game rolls around? Either way, as long as we don’t get the look ahead bug, we should be fine/
Prediction: 31-14 Jaguars (12-2)

Week 16 December 18th NFL Network

Indianapolis Colts

The division will probably be decided this night. Harvey and Groves show us why we mortgaged the draft and hopefully get us a 1st round bye.

Prediction: 31-20 Jaguars (13-2)

Week 17 December 28th CBS

@ Baltimore Ravens

If all goes well, just the same as the Houston game last year where we start the game with 2nd stringers.

Prediction: Ravens 28-13 (13-3)