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Better Know the Jaguars' RT: Tony Pashos


What we know:

Tony Pashos was brought in before last season to be a long term fixture on the offensive line, and thus far he’s handled the responsibility well. He will sit at right tackle, adjacent to Vince Manuwai who’ll be the right guard. The two massive behemoths are known as violent run-blockers around the league, and barring any injuries we should expect massive holes for our two pronged RB attack.


 Tony has the mentality you want in an O-Lineman. He’s angry and forceful, almost as if he views it at his job, nay, his duty to inflict punishment while blocking. He’s a more than adequate pass blocker, but he’s no Tony Boselli. Expect him to allow some sacks as he occasionally gets beat if a speedster gets around him without contact. Tony is known for his strength, which aides him when sustaining blocks or moving piles. He can bench 500lbs and reportedly squats 615lbs, add to that the fact he benched 225lbs more times than anyone at the combine his draft year. The guy is a beast and his presence last season was a big part of the Jaguars success in the run game.


Del Rio had this to say about Tony upon his arrival: 

"We think he's stepping into the prime of his pro career," Del Rio told "His size allows him to be firm in the pocket. He's not going to be bull-rushed back to the quarterback. He's a big body, aggressive, physical right tackle. We saw an opportunity to get ourselves a player who would provide a firmer right side of the pocket and a little more movement in the running game."


Pashos hasn’t had any major injuries outside of a hand injury that cost him his rookie season. He started all but one game last year, sitting out the final regular season contest against Houston so the Jaguar’s coaching staff could evaluate other talent. Hopefully the trend will continue this year as the team clearly has a potent running attack when he’s in the game.


He was a standout in college as an Illini, and was voted as one of the top 10 offensive linemen in school history. He was a 5th round pick of the Baltimore Ravens and was acquired by the Jaguars in free agency after he completed his rookie deal. He signed a five year deal that will keep him in teal until at least 2012.


What to expect this season:

Tony got off to a slow start last year as he adjusted to the Jaguar’s blocking schemes, however, he closed out the season playing the best football of his career. Any fears that the team may have overpaid for an unproven player have been allayed and Pashos has lived up to the lofty expectations that were set forth before him. This season, he’s got a new partner in crime on the right side in Vince Manuwai, the team’s former left guard. Both players have similar mentalities and both are far better run blockers than pass protectors. That’s not to say either is lacking in pass blocking ability as both are far above average, but the power run game is their forte.


Look for more explosive (over 20 yards) plays when running to the right side this year. There aren’t too many defensive linemen that can stand up to the combination of strength and balance that Pashos brings to the table, and he should be expected to excel from the first snap of the season.