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Big Cat Country Fantasy Football League!


The Fanhouse Leagues Fantasy Football Fun Fest:: HT Alex for the Logo

It's that time of year again, the time when thoughts turn to draft strategy, points per reception and all the esoteric fun of a mock draft.  Big Cat Country, SB Nation, and America Online are teaming up to let YOU compete against ME/US in a Fantasy Football league.

I've always wanted to have a Big Cat Country league, and if you register quickly, you can have one of twelve spots in the BCC league.  We'll have a big first prize (specifics yet to be determined), but I will allow the league winner to remind everyone else of their superority in a front page post seen by MILLIONS*

Registration is super easy, just go to the Fanhouse Leagues and register

Be sure to pick BIG CAT COUNTRY as your league! Password is Jaguars!

Draft date and format will be determined later!



*Millions might be a slight stretch.