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The Boogeyman of Los Angeles: Part two

Recent Developments

Over the past few years, there have been several teams that have been "On the fast track" to LA. Those teams have included the Saints, Bills, Raiders, Cardinals, Jaguars, Vikings, Chargers, and Rams..

Group 1-Teams No Longer Seeing Their Name In Lights

1. New Orleans Saints-The Saints were a prime candidiate to move, between issues with the Super Dome and no new stadium deal in sight. The cities of San Antonio and Los Angeles were mentioned as possible places owner Tom Benson would move the team. During the horrific 2005 season for the Saints, several of their "Home" games were even played in San Antonio. However, massive support in the wake of Hurricane Katrina continues, in addition to massive renovations to the Super Dome. In addition, I doubt the NFL would allow the franchise to move from one of its Prime Super Bowl host cities.

2. Buffalo Bills-A team in a hard hit Rust Belt city. Current Owner Ralph Wilson had made it clear that he was not going to hand down the team to his family and it would be up for sale upon his death. Much like the Saints, another city emerged as a possible new host, Toronto. Unlike other teams in this group, there issues have not been fully resolved. Attendance issues are still a problem as well as being in a shrinking market. However, for the time being, with the agreement to play several regular season games in Toronto, I would doubt they will be heading to LA.

3. Arizona Cardinals-When they were playing in a college stadium and only sold out when the played the Cowboys because of Cowboy fans buying tickets, they were the prime team to move. However, they are now in a new stadium that has hosted a BCS title game and a Super Bowl. However, ticket sales are beginning to creep up again, but I doubt they would leave a brand new facility before at least another decade if not more.

Group 2-Teams That Are Lacking In Areas But Don't Have Bags Packed

4. Jacksonville Jaguars- I know everyone here is going to hate me for this, but I'm still not utterly convinced. As much as Weaver says he wants to team to stay, if an owner payed a premium I could see him selling. The stadium naming rights issues are still a pain, as is the yearly "Please buy tickets ASAP" campaign. Everyone is saying give the market time, but how much time does the team have left? Hopefully this recent issue with Metropolous is indicative of future moves, that whoever buys the team has to stay in Jacksonville.

5. Minnesota Vikings- The team's lease is over in 2011 and no firm plans really exist for the a new stadium. A purposed $800 million dollar retractable roof stadium is in the works, though it is still in the planning stages. When the Coliseum Commission broke off talks with USC momentarily, it was believed they were discussing openly with the Vikings. However, USC has since become the Coliseum's primary tenant.

6. Oakland Raiders-Yes, they seriously might move again. Anything might happen will Al Davis. While the Raiders were finally able to boost ticket sales by axing the PSLs from their tickets, it still isn't inconceivable, epically if relations between Davis and the City still remain heated.

Group 3- Bags Packed And Just Waiting

7. San Diego Chargers- Let's be honest here, when the Chargers managed to move their vacate date on their lease to January of 2009, everyone knew the underlying context here. Their issues with San Diego are well known and they have a large base in LA. A similar move such as the Titans move to Houston is feesable. A 2-3 season stint in the Coliseum or Rose Bowl than the new stadium would be reasonable.

8. St Louis Rams

With the death of their former owner, they really are a wild card. While it is still publicly unknown as to the fate of the team, the general thought is that if the team changes hands it is West Coast bound again. In addition, the Rams can vacate their lease if they do no rank in the top 1/4th of NFL in revenue. With the Mega stadiums going in New York and Dallas, is that forseeable?