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Welcome to Training Camp: Let's Get Campy!



The 2008 offesason comes to an end today as 79 of 80 players report for the team meetings this evening in Jacksonville. The reinvention of the Jaguars comes to its first test as the burning questions come one step closer to being answered. While our coverage of camp will be extensive and exhausting, let's take a moment and identify the storylines to watch.

What to Watch For!

Gregg Williams: Can he bring the heat? The Jaguars offseason has revolved around the creation of an aggressive pass-rushing defense. Will Derrick Harvey and Quentin Groves bring the pressure? Will Mathis, Florence, and Williams shore up the secondary enough to bring the extra heat? Will we see blitz blitz blitz or cover cover cover? When you see our ends and linebackers put their hands on Garrard, we'll know. I expect Gregg to throw the kitchen sink in training camp so he can get a feel for what he has, so note the blitzes. Who comes and from where. Reggie Nelson is the wild card, I've a gut feeling that the eraser is a multi-tool in the Williams defense.

Wide Receivers: Will they step up? It's been an interesting summer for the receivers. In May, I assumed Matt Jones was gone, but even with the drug arrest, the Jerry Porter surgery changes everything. Will Mike Walker prove that his flashes of greatness are consistent? Will Reggie Williams continue to improve? Will Matt Jones realize that he's got one last chance to make this roster? Or will Jeron Harvey or D'juan Woods unseat the first round bust?

Derrick Harvey and Quentin Groves: Will they be the difference-maker? Don't ever forget the price the Jaguars paid to get Harvey and Groves on the roster. Draft picks, the future lifeblood of the franchise were expended enmasse to put them on the team. Now we have to see if the Jaguars front office was right in trading picks to get these two talented but unproven SEC rushers. Groves is signed (as of this writing), Harvey should be soon, and we'll know early on if these guys are the real deal.


Due to my "real job", I will be unable to attend this years Training Camp. However, Big Cat Country will still be THE SOURCE for all your news, practice reports, and commentary on the camp.

If anyone is attending camp and would like to post your "practice reports", please feel free to do so as a fanshot. I'll be posting them as front-page posts so that all of Jag Nation that can't be there can follow along at home.

Please email me at BigCatCountry AT gmail DOT com if you're interested in being a field reporter. There may be prizes!

So that's what I'm thinking about as Camp Opens. How about you?