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Opening Training Camp News and Notes

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The pads haven't even come out yet and already the Jaguars are full of news.  I'm currently on the road, so pardon my absence.  Here's what we know so far.

: Reggie Williams has a sprained knee and will start camp on the Physically Unable to Play list (PUP, if you will). Reggie joins Jerry Porter, George Wrightster, Chad Nkang, and Jeremy Mincey.  Don't worry though, Reggie should be back in a few days.  No need to panic that the Jaguars number one and number two receivers are off the field, instead think about all the extra reps guys like Matt Jones and Troy Williamson will get.  This is also a good chance for Mike Walker to prove that his knee is no longer an issue.

: Derrick Harvey is still unsigned, though I've a hunch that he'll be in action soon.  Trust me.

: Matt Jones says he's sorry

: The first practice is underway right now in shorts, the second session is tonight at 7:00, also in shorts.  If you're going, be sure to drop a note about what you see!

I'll be around better internet later this afternoon, so stay tuned!