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Brad Meester is Hurt

Our starting Center Brad Meester is hurt. He's got a bicep strain (not the same bicep he's had trouble with in the past), the extent of which won't be determined for a few days. Brad is a centerpiece on the line and his ability to call out blocking assignments is nothing short of spectacular. Brad's a vet and should be able to rebound quickly, however, Jack Del Rio acknowledged he'll most likely miss some time.

“We’re still trying to determine exactly how long he may be out, but Brad Meester has strained a biceps muscle or tendon and they’re going to do an exam and make sure; doctors will look at him. We’re concerned he may miss time,” Del Rio explained. “We know he’s going to miss some time. We’re concerned with how much that may turn into. We’ll have a better indication in the next couple of days.

One can only hope he will be back for the start of the regular season, however we won't be sure for a little while. Drew Miller's quest for a starting spot is looking brighter now, and he had a strong showing Monday night when the pads went on. We may keep 10 offensive linemen when the season begins if Brad can't make it back.

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