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Derrick Harvey Holdout Watch

UPDATE: This was posted by FBT in the comments section of the Quentin Groves quote and reposted here so more people could hopefully see it

Jack Del Rio said in post practice interviews this morning that the Jaguars were trying to be reasonable with their contract offers. He went on to clarify that the team had basically offered Harvey a 10% bump over what the 8th pick got in 2007. He said that the two sides weren’t even remotely close in this negotiation as Harvey’s agents (Condon/Kremer) are looking for a 75% bump from the pick last year.

That’s not a typo.


The 8th pick in the draft last year got a contract roughly around $30 million in total with a $15.7 million signing bonus.

Do the math. That would mean that Harvey is looking for a contract northward of $53 million with around $27 million in guarantees.

With the current Derrick Harvey situation let us all take a step back and look at things

Only in our biggest teal and black shaded fantasy worlds did we not think by trading up to the Top 10 that Harvey wasn’t going to get some absurd contract. ESPN made a big thing about Matt Ryan, but even Jake Long took a "below" market contract that still made him the highest paid lineman in the league.

Can you blame Derrick Harvey for wanting to get the cash that everyone else around him is? If and when a new CBA is signed, the only way rookie salaries will go down is through that. Until then, Top 10-15 picks are going to get large contracts.

Either way, if he comes out and has a 10-12 sack season I think this will all be behind us. However, what happens if this continues and he has a Mario Williams-esque rookie year? Well, lets not think of that yet.