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Mythbusting:: Brett Favre and the Jacksonville Jaguars

This will never happen!

There is nothing more disapointing as a a sports fan than to hear a rumor that makes no sense, but because it's said by a "serious person", it spreads farther than it should. As we are all painfully aware of, Brett Favre is dominating the media cycle with his "itch", and with this irritation comes terrible specuation about where he might play in 2008.

Because some in the media are ignorant of the Jaguars, their name comes up. Perhaps it's because of the residual memories of Byron Leftwich or the lack of recognition outside the North-Florida region, but the team is coming up in discussions of possible homes for the 38 year-old gunslinger. I've heard that Dan Patrick even alluded that the Jaguars were interested in the soon-to-be Green Bay exile.

Excuse me? Is this 2007? Did Jack Del Rio decide to play games with David Garrard like he did with the Byron Leftwich/Daunte Culpepper noise of last July? Of course not. The Jaguars have absolutely no reason to even look at Brett Favre.

1. The Jaguars spent 60 million dollars to extend David Garrard, and by every measure he's looked outstanding through spring practices.
2. The Jaguars signed Cleo Lemon to a contract that gave him a three million dollar signing bonus.
3. The Jaguars have little in the way of developing young talent at the position.
4. The Jaguars Salary Cap would not be comfortable with the 12.5 million Brett is due this season.

These four factors alone deter the Jaguars from taking a look at the gunslinger, this has nothing to do with the obvious facts that Brett is a liability as a quarterback, loses games with his unbearable devotion to throwing the ball under any circumstance, regardless of open receivers.

Brett Favre is proving himself to be a team-destroyer. Aaron Rogers has to be the most shell-shocked quarterback in the league after the last two years of being the de facto starter only to have Brett decide to come back. Regardless of any desire that Favre might have to play in the NFL, there's no excuse for what he's doing to the Green Bay Packers. He's effected the way they approach the offseason, he's damaged the development of Aaron Rogers, who is trying to take the controls of a team while looking over his shoulder at a "retired" player.

Now Favre is seriously considering coming back, which is annoying, but he'll also be on the market almost instantly, whether through a cut or a trade. The Jaguars, because of overwhelming media ignorance, will be a team that's rumored to have interest. This, unless Jack Del Rio comes out and says it himself, is simply impossible. The Jaguars have no use, no need, and no time for a player like Farve. Rumors like this come from writers looking for up and coming teams that have less known situations at quarterback. Since two of the most likely teams that could use a player like Brett are the Vikings and the Bears, both NFC North teams, it would seem problematic for the Packers to make that trade. So the AFC gets tossed into the picture.

Simply put, there is a better chance of Paul Smith starting on opening day than there is of Brett Favre wearing teal and black.