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7/31/08 PM Training Camp Report

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[Note by River City Rage, 08/01/08 11:57 AM EDT ] Once again, Big Cat Country would like to thank FBT.  You can read more of his work at Jaguars Journal.

The weather could not have been more perfect as the team took the field this evening in shorts and shells for what was a relatively light practice session with the scrimmage on the agenda for tomorrow.  The rain had cleared out several hours earlier, so the fields were much drier.  It was a relatively cool evening with a nice breeze and a small crowd in attendance.

The injury list appears to be holding steady with Chad Nkang, Jeremy Mincey, Reggie Williams, Jerry Porter, George Wrighster, and Brad Meester missing the evening session for well documented health issues.

Porter was at the practice facility for a good portion of the session before heading back to the locker room, happily signing autographs on his way out.  He had his leg wrapped heavily from just below the knee to his buttocks region, and with the ice packs that were on the back side of his leg, it was difficult for him NOT to limp, so it is difficult to assess where he is at right now with his progress.  The limp is probably being caused by the wrap since it is pretty bulky.  When he was on the practice field earlier this week without the wrap, he was walking without any noticeable gait.

Tonight, the practice was almost all about 11 x 11 drills.  They mixed in a few variables, but the overwhelming majority was full squad drills.

So, let us get right to the drills because there was plenty of action this evening to talk about.

11 x 11 (Part I):

D’Juan Woods was streaking down the sideline on a go route when David Garrard lobbed up a bomb.  Rashean Mathis stayed with Woods stride for stride, and was able to get in when the ball arrived to knock it away. 

Maurice Jones Drew took a well set up screen pass from David Garrard and followed his blocks to convert a nice first down.

Dennis Northcutt and David Garrard hit on a quick slant with Northcutt coming out of the slot.  It was one of those bang-bang plays that require perfect timing, and the two clearly had it here.  The reception went for a big gain.

Greg Jones tried to carry the ball off the right side, but Tony McDaniel showed nice burst, cutting into the backfield and blowing up the play, stuffing the fullback at the line of scrimmage. 

Cleo Lemon tried to connect with Greg Estandia on a deep seam route.  Estandia had gotten open in the secondary, but Lemon’s pass was slightly overthrown, falling incomplete.

Lemon came back on the next play and hit Jeron Harvey on a post pattern in double coverage.  Lemon really had to zip the ball into the receiver to make the connection.

Theo Horrocks found himself locking in on Lemon on the next play.  They were trying to set up a screen play, but with the ensuing pass rush closing in fast, Lemon was forced to throw it at the feet of Chauncey Washington.

Fred Taylor showed nice cutback ability, and then hit the burners to run a sweep to the left.  Mike Peterson did a great job of getting a good angle on Taylor, then forcing him out of bounds after a nice gain.

Fred tried to bounce one outside again, but Paul Spicer had gotten into the backfield and sniffed out the play, forcing Fred back inside.  Had the tackling been live, he would have gotten stuffed for a loss. 

Montell Owens tried to run a sweep to the left, but Kenny Pettway got into the backfield and stuffed Owens before he could get to the outside, causing a five yard loss.

The defense continued to flex their muscle when Chauncey Washington attempted to take one up the middle only to run square into Derek Landri, who had gotten solid penetration on the play, stopping Washington for a loss.

Lavarus Giles tried a sweep to the right, but Clint Ingram blew the play up, stopping Giles for a big loss on the play.

The running game finally found some positive gains when Fred took a run off behind the right guard for a modest gain.  Unfortunately, the positive gains were short-lived as Maurice Jones-Drew ran a sweep that Gerald Sensabaugh and Tony Gilbert jumped, shutting Drew down for a 3 yard loss.

11 x 11 (Red Zone):

David connected with Mike Walker on a nice post route with Drayton Florence right there in coverage.  Walker was able to snag the pass for a touchdown.

Troy Williamson found a hole between Mike Peterson and Justin Durant and hauled in a nice pass from David Garrard going over the middle. 

Marcedes Lewis made a great jumping, twisting catch in front of the post with Reggie Nelson, Brian Williams, and Lamar Myles blanketing him.  Lemon put the pass up high so that Lewis was forced to go up for it, and he also had to make a terrific adjustment as the ball was thrown to his back shoulder.

Tony Gilbert had his best practice of training camp.  Along with blowing up a running play earlier in the session, he also plugged a hole that Montell Owens was attempting to exploit, stuffing him at the line for no gain. 

Derek Landri was also enjoying a great evening, finding a push through the offensive line and forcing Cleo Lemon to pull the ball down and head for the sideline, taking a short loss on the play.

John Henderson took advantage of good penetration to slap down a David Garrard pass intended for Dennis Northcutt.

Troy Williamson made a nice move to get open in the end zone on a crossing route.  Gerald Sensabaugh recovered nicely and was able to knock the pass from Garrard out, forcing an incomplete pass. 

Garrard went back to Williamson again a few plays later on a fade route in the back of the end zone.  Williamson was fully extended trying to haul the pass in, and he got both hands on the ball, but the pass was slightly high of the mark, and he was not able to hang on to it with the defender hitting him on the way down. 

Garrard came back and hit Fred Taylor on a nice little corner route that wound up being a touchdown.

7 x 7 (Red Zone):

Garrard continues to favor Dennis Northcutt, connecting with him on two plays to start the drill, both of them slants that went for nice gains.  On the second play, Justin Durant did a nice job of covering Northcutt, but Dennis was able to get the angle and Garrard delivered the pass right on target to make the completion.

Troy Williamson made a great catch on an out in front of Pierson Prioleau.  Prioleau was right there in coverage, but Williamson was able to wrestle the ball away to make the catch on the pass delivered by Garrard. 

Cleo Lemon went to Mike Walker on a curl route, but Scott Starks picked up on the route and almost cut the pass off and intercepted it.  The ball fell incomplete, but Starks made a nice play nonetheless. 

D’Juan Woods had one of his more difficult practice sessions.  Maybe it was the fact that the coverage was never far enough away, or maybe it was fatigue.  Whatever the reason, he had a couple of dropped passes.  On one particular play, he had Rashod Moulton beaten down the sideline by a good yard.  Cleo Lemon dropped the ball right in his hands in stride, but the ball bounced right out.

John Broussard made a nice falling sideline catch on a deep pass from Cleo Lemon. 

Matt Jones had a couple of nice grabs during this drill, including one post route with Rashod Moulton on the coverage.  Jones was able to snap up the Cleo Lemon pass over the top of coverage.  Later in the drill, Jones ran a cross in traffic.  One of the linebackers went for the pick on a David Garrard pass, but did not get to the ball.  Jones proceeded to take the ball into the end zone untouched.

Todd Bouman had a rough practice tonight.  Several of his passes missed the mark, but one in particular was so poorly thrown to the sideline that there was not a player within 5 yards of the pass. 

11 x 11 (Part III):

Kenny Pettway made a nice play on a David Garrard pass, getting decent penetration, and then batting the ball down.

David had Mike Walker wide open streaking down the sideline.  Walker had gotten behind Reggie Nelson and Rashean Mathis.  Unfortunately, David overshot his target, missing Walker by a yard. 

Matt Jones had what would be considered the highlight play of the night on a crossing route.  David Garrard’s pass was thrown high but also slightly behind Matt.  Matt was able to tip the ball, then catch it despite the fact that Drayton Florence was on him like a blanket trying to shake the ball loose. 

Final Impressions:

The Jaguars had a flare up during practice when Maurice Williams and John Henderson got into a skirmish that wound up with Henderson losing his helmet, and a few punches being thrown. 

The Jaguars had several VIP’s and their families on the field when practice ended.  These folks got some nice autographs and great access to the team.  While that was happening, I got an opportunity to watch our quarterback, David Garrard, interact with his baby.  It was fun to watch as David and Mary had the baby on the field and he was horsing around.  Then, they tried to get the younger Garrard to walk, and he took a few steps between his parents.  Good stuff.  Hopefully someone had a camera out there when this happened.

More later!