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I'm back and Thoughts on the First Preseason game

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So I'm back from the Chesapeake and excited real football is almost here. Some thoughts on the game

1.  I'm going to with hold on forming an opinion on the offense as a whole because of how many players won't be playing in the Preseason, however, some individuals I already have thoughts on

1a. Greg Jones looks like he has fully recovered from his knee injuries and will make our running game that much better.

1b. Mike Walker was a huge letdown. The touchdown drop was devestating and hopefully its just because this was the first time he has seen action in almost two years.

1c. Cleo Lemon looked like he can become a capable back up to David.

2. Though I doubt it because ESPN thinks the NFL begins and ends with the NFC East, Reggie Nelson could become a major star in this new defense.

3. Big cheers to Mkristo Bruce. Apparently he was signed as little more than camp fodder and turned in 2.5 sacks. While its still a long shot he'll make the team, its good to see a guy take advantage of his opportunity.

4. Outside of the broken play that lead to the Falcons first touchdown, the 1st team defense looks like it will once again be among the elite.

5. Mike Smith is a classy guy and it showed no better than at the end of the game. Thank you for realizing preseason games are glorofied combined practices and not go for the field goal and overtime. Who knows if he saved someones career by not going into a meaningless extra period.