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Quick Bytes: So many stories, so little time edition

Quick Bytes: The daily digest of everything you need to know about the Jacksonville Jaguars (and other things).

This Blog is not Nancy Grace, therefore I shan't engage in "trial-watch" over Matt Jones.  If you're looking for what's going on with his current criminal case, I suggest clicking here. Otherwise, all I have to say on the issue is that he's still fighting for a place on the team and he's got to keep on performing.  Good things are being said about what he's doing so far, but consistancy has not been Matt's strongest point.

: Former first-round pick Byron Leftwich is now playing for the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Yes, that's a Canadian link.  My thoughts are this are as follows.  1. Should Ben Roethlisberger go down with injury, Byron Leftwich is a sitting duck behind that suspect offensive line. 2. Despite wishing Byron well, it would be very interesting to see him play in Jacksonville this season against the Jaguars.  I'm not sure how positive the welcome would be.

: In Harvey-Watch, the Jaguars and CAA started talking again, though there's no sign of any movement.  Harvey, to the Jaguars chagrin, holds all the cards.  A little bird told me that this is going to end sooner rather than later.  Remember, the press conference that welcomes Harvey to the Jaguars will have both sides praising the other for the well-handled negotiations.  There's no reason to be angry at Harvey, just do what I do and blame the JETS.

: Brian Witherspoon is turning heads.  Just hold onto the ball.  Rashean Mathis is no longer the fastest player on the team, now Witherspoon has to show that he's reliable enough to match his speed.

That's all for now.  I'm working on another round of roster predictions for later today!