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Quick Bytes: Derrick Harvey Watch, MJD Madden commercial, Signings/Releases

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-So Derrick Harvey has his first significant milestone as a Jaguar, the longest rookie holdout in team history. Current reports are that both sides are talking again, but nothing significant has occured. NFL Live yesterday let it slip that some teams were interested in Harvey, but did not elaborate further. Any and all developements will be posted immediately.

-Maurice Jones-Drew has been appearing in a commerical for Madden 2009. Nice to see atleast one member of the team getting some National sponsorships

-The Times-Union had this to report on the Jaguars latest roster moves

The Jaguars signed defensive tackle Jonathan Lewis today and waived rookie running back Lavarus Giles, an undrafted rookie who had signed with the team June 11.

Lewis, 24, spent the second half of the 2007 season on the Oakland Raiders’ practice squad, but the 6-0, 304-pound defensive tackle was originally drafted by the Arizona Cardinals in the sixth round out of Virginia Tech. The second-year pro played in four games as a rookie and had four solo tackles.

Lewis also has spent time with the Seattle Seahawks and Detroit Lions in 2008.