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Game Preview: Miami Dolphins at Jacksonville Jaguars

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Saturday, August 16th, 2008-7:30 p.m.
Jacksonville Municipal Stadium

Kickoff forecast: 82 degrees, 40% chance of precipitation

The second game of the Preseason Exhibition season is upon us. This will be the Jaguars final game at home until September 14th for their home open against the Buffalo Bills.

These two teams come in here with very different hopes for their season. The Jaguars are looking to make a Super Bowl run while the Dolphins would consider a .500 season a good year.  Fred Taylor will see some action tonight for the Jaguars while the Dolphins will see Chad Pennington in action.

This is the 7th meeting  in the Preseason and 11th overall for the Jaguars and Dolphins. Former Jaguars Ernest Wilford and Akin Ayodele will have a homecoming of sorts tonight.

5 Things to Watch For: Jacksonville Jaguars

1. Starters Playing Time: With the injury bug becoming the injury locust plague, it will be interesting to see how long the starters play. I say no more than one or two series into the second quarter.

2. Who will step up?: The 2nd Exhibition game is one of the biggest moments of the Preseason for guys not guaranteed a spot on the 53 man roster. Can Mkristo Bruce step up again or will another guy take advantage?

3. Wide Receivers:  With Jerry Porter and Reggie Williams still out, this provides us with another chance to see the rest of the field. Will Matt Jones continue his career revival? Mike Walker showed flashes of brilliance and butterfingers at the same time. Whatever happened to Troy Williamson?

4. Defensive Pass Rush: With the Derrick Harvey watch going into Week 3, this can be the game to finally get him into camp. If the line looks good and gets pressure on Pennington, Henne, and whoever else the Dolphins trot out it will certainly boost the Jaguars position.

5. Vertical Passing: While Garrard looked OK in the first game, he still did a lot of check downs and crossing patterns. Will he finally start throwing it deep?


5 Things to Watch For: Miami Dolphins

1. Quarterback Battle: After signing Jets castaway Chad Pennington and drafting Michigan QB Chad Henne in the 2nd round, the Dolphins will be looking to see who will be their starter for Opening Day.

2. Ted Ginn: The pick that signified how the Cam Cameron era would go, how does he adjust to the team. A lackluster rookie season doesn't help expectations.

3. Defense: The Defense in Miami was the only thing that kept them respectable in the post-Marino era. However, fixtures like Zach Thomas and Jason Taylor are now gone.It will be interesting to see how the Fins defense recovers.

4. Ricky Williams: Do I even need to say anything?

5. Team in Transition: How does a team that almost joined the 72 Bucs in history respond to now being led by Bill Parcells?



It's Preseason so I'm not going to bother with a Prediction. Let's just hope nobody gets hurt.