Harvey Hold Out

There are two sides to the hold out argument.  One is that Harvey can hold out untill he gets the money he wants.  The other side is that he is already earning enough money,

Harvey's agent is asking for something like a 75% increse from last year.  This would be around 50 mil.  The Jags offered something like a 10% increse from the pick from last year.  (The longest holdout the Jags have had is Byron Leftwich, who held out 15 days.)

I'm on the side of the Jags. Derrick Harvey needs to prove his worth and then get the big bucks.  Athletes are already overpaid, but in this case its just outragous.  Harvey is risking everything to get a little extra money.  He is going to alienate the Jags fans, and get the Jags pissed off.  He needs to get on the field.

His agent argues that other players are getting some of the same increases, and that Harvey is worth it.  He is preparing to hold Harvey as long as needed.  Some people say greed is good.  Do you agree?

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