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Hurricane Fay

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Just wanted to let all of our readers that we are thinking about them. in between getting our own homes prepared. Just wanted to say stay safe and good luck.

[Note by River City Rage, 08/20/08 9:36 AM EDT ]: There are times when contract hold outs, preseason struggles, and the state of the Jaguars are important to us.  Then there are times when we're reminded that this is not only "preseason", but that in the great scheme of things, it's less important than protecting our families, our homes, and our lives from Mother Nature.

With that said, the chunk of Florida where I reside is now clear, albeit grey and rainy.  Our attention now focuses on the City of Jacksonville, where Fay seems to be targeting next.  I grew up in the city, never once having a storm pass through there, but realizing that there are some pretty low spots. 

I'd implore the readers of BCC that live in Jacksonville to shoot us a comment, let us know how things are going.  We all hope that Fay goes somewhere else, this second landfall nonsense is pretty lame. 

Meanwhile, we'll be here, discussing the team, and hopefully talking about the mild rainstorms in Jacksonville, not a Hurricane.