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Jaguars Wide Receiver Jerry Porter: Likely to Miss Season Opener

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Jerry Porter wasn’t asked to come in here and be a savior,”-Jack Del Rio

Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Jack Del Rio told reporters that unless Jerry Porter practices for two weeks, he will not be activated for the season opener against the Tennesee Titans.

“It’s my belief we’ll need two weeks of practice with Jerry before he can play in a game,” Del Rio told reporters on Monday. “If he doesn’t practice this week, I would say I would hold him out of the opener.”

While the Jaguars have a large investment in Porter, I applaud Del Rio's decision to not force him into playing too soon. It reflects a long-term vision which is certainly appreciated. We all know that the first four weeks of the season are critical for the Jaguars, but to rush Porter back and risk losing him for even longer would be foolish and shortsighted.

The Jaguars have an interesting situation at reciever. Matt Jones has locked himself back into the lineup, which is good for him. Reggie Williams is back, though I'd like to see a little more out of him in what should be brief playing time against the Redskins. Del Rio said he liked what he saw out of Mike Walker, though Troy Williamson need to catch a ball or ten next week if he's want to keep a spot on the roster.

So there we go, one less bit of speculaiton about the season opener. At least we won't be second guessing the decision if he were to play and hurt himself.