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Finally: Jaguars Defensive End Derrick Harvey signs contract


Derrick Harvey:: All signed up and ready to go

The Florida Times Union Reports that Derrick Harvey, the Jaguars first round draft selection has finally reached a contract agreement. The outstanding pass-rushing defensive end from the University of Florida held out for 33 days, but the team and the agent finally came to terms. Harvey will get $17.175 million in guaranteed money, $23.8 million before incentives and $33.4 million in total potential money

Now we get to see how well Harvey's month of practicing pass rushing with chairs and staying in shape while away from the team works out. He's now a millionare with a huge responsiblity to justify to the Jaguars and to the fans that he's worth every dime of that signing bonus. Of course, this is the Jaguars, so terms were no released. Rest assured that Ken Kremer will let us know though.

H/T to Robb at JagNation for passing this along to us!

Film School:
Just in case we forgot how good he is.

More to come as we hear it!