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Game Preview: Jacksonville Jaguars at Washington Redskins

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Kickoff: 7pm August 28th 2008

Television: NBC, National

Where: FedEx Field, Landover, Maryland

Forecast: 70 degrees and Cloudy

The Preseason comes to a close tonight. Final cuts are just around the corner and real football will come soon after that. The Jaguars put an end to the insanity of the Dolphins game by coming in and taking care of a good Buccaneers team. The Redskins are well, the Redskins. Also, a point on the insanity of the sports world, this game will be nationally televised in Prime Time, when most of the Reedem Team's games couldn't get a decent slot even on tape delay.


Things to watch for: Jacksonville Jaguars

1. Derrick Harvey: Will he play or won't he? And if he does, what should we expect out of him?

2. Backups: This is the game that can get a guy from the practice squad onto the regular roster, or be the parting shot of someone who just didn't make it. Lets see how they do.

3. Injuries: We don't need another hold our breathe moment like when we heard MJD was hurt last week.

4. Energy from the starters: This is more or less a bye week for them, will they come out with any sense of emotion?

Things to watch for: Washington Redskins

1.  Jason Campbell:How effective will he be after being sacked four times last week against Carolina?

2. Energy from the starters:Same thing, but different ramifications. After a 43-7 thrashing from the Panthers, will they want to end the preseason on a positive note or have they already packed their bags?

3. Jason Taylor: Would we still want him over Harvey and Groves?


Player on the Hotseat

D'Juan Woods ,WR, Jacksonville

It's looking more and more likely that we'll keep a 6th WR for atleast the first few regular season games. Out of the 3 WRs remaining, it seems to be Wood's job to lose.


Prediction: 10-7 Jags whenever both starters get pulled