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BCC's College Football Blowout

Special Note: As anyone who watched the Thursday Night game between South Carolina and NC State, the injury to Russell Wilson was a scary situation. The thoughts and prayers of BCC go out to the Wilson family and we hope for a speedy recovery.


With Saturday being the kickoff for most teams around the country, and with most of our readers also interested in College football, decided to give some predictions and thoughts on the season.

Conference, BCS Bowls, Heisman, and 10 other fearless predictions


Atlantic Coast Conference
Champion: Florida State Seminoles


Disappointment: Clemson Tigers

Why this is the Truth: I'm sure most people blinked with I put FSU as the ACC Champ. However, really, point to me one team in the ACC that doesn't have more holes than a  siv? Clemson has a habit of laying an egg for a 3-4 game stretch, VT has issues, BC lost the reason it became competitive in Matt Ryan. Weatherford is a SR and do everything man Preston Parker returns.

Why I'm an idiot: Clemson has perhaps the best stable of RBs in the country. While they have a habit of going 1-3 and ending up 9-4 or going 7-0 and ending up 8-5, this Tigers team seems different. FSU still has to wonder if Weatherford can become a consistent Quarterback and get the offense out of the gutter.

Big 10

Champion: Illinois Illini


Disappointment: Michigan Wolverines

Why This is the Truth: If the last one made you blink, this one will probably make you think I'm typing this from the looney bin. However, I believe Juice Williams can take this team on his shoulders. The big question of course is if they can replace Rashard Mendenhall. If they can, they can sneak up on OSU. As for Michigan, I have a feeling its going to be a rough transition year for Rodriguez and company.

Why I'm an idiot: Ohio State is head and shoulders above the rest of the teams in the league. The only thing that SHOULD separate them from a trip to Miami and a chance to be 3/4ths the way to becoming College Football's Buffalo Bills will be a road game at USC.

Big 12

Champion: Missouri Tigers


Disappointment: Kansas Jayhawks

Why This is the Truth: Missouri returns a high octane offense being led by Heisman finalist Chase Daniels. The Tigers should cruise through the Big 12 North this year in turn to a showdown with either Texas Tech or Oklahoma. The Tigers seemed to read their clippings abit too much for last year's Big 12 title loss to Oklahoma, but this year should be different. As for Kansas, they got lucky with injuries and calls in several games. I expect them to still be good, say 8-4 or 9-3, but expecting another BCS bowl is fool hearty.

Why I'm an Idiot: Those two losses to Oklahoma makes you wonder if Missouri simply feasted on cupcakes last year. Oklahoma has as much talent as anybody else. They return a Heisman candidate at QB themselves in Sam Bradford.

On a special note with Oklahoma. If the season goes as expected, I wouldn't be surprised if Stoops relationship with the University may begin to sour. While the Sooners do have several Big 12 titles and a National Title under his helm, following the implosion of the 2003 Sooners, then called the "Greatest Team of all Time", the Sooners have not had good outings against other top teams.


Big East:

Champion: West Virginia Mountaineers


Disappointment: South Florida Bulls

Why its the Truth: WVU returns the most dangerous man in football, Pat White. While the split with Rodriguez has been a painful one, WVU still has a stacked team that should easily win the Big East with their main competition, Louisville, seemingly still down for the count. And did anyone actually watch USF later in the season? Theres a reason they went from #2 to the Sun Bowl.

Why I'm an Idiot: WVU could easily be a one man team with Pat White. If he gets hurt or doesn't put up his usual numbers, WVU is in trouble.


Southeastern Conference

Champion: Georgia Bulldogs


Disappointment: LSU Tigers

Why its the Truth: Georgia has not one, but two legitimate Heisman candidates in its backfield. Combine that with returning a large amount of starters, and its easy to see why the Dawgs should capture another SEC title. LSU reminds me Michigan last year. People seem to expect them to replace all those All-Americans they lost.


Why I'm an Idiot: With Our Lord and Savior, Tim Tebow, playing in the SEC, Florida will be in the hunt. In addition, South Carolina and Alabama may come up from the middle at make a push.


Champion: USC Trojans


Disappointment: UCLA Bruins

Why its the Truth: Face it, USC is a factory. They can replace any with one better and faster. It should once again be the USC and the little 9, Happy Holiday Bowl hunting everybody else.

Why I'm an Idiot: The one place however USC seems to have trouble is at QB. A poor showing by Mark Sanchez could end up dividing the locker room. In addition, the Trojans have had problems as of late Playing down to their competition, thats the only way I can explain losing at home to Stanford.

Rose: Illinois vs Oklahoma

Sugar: Florida vs BYU

Fiesta: Missouri vs Ohio St

Orange: Florida St vs WVU

National Title: Georgia 27 USC 24


Heisman Trophy: Chase Daniels, QB, Missouri


10 Other Fearless Predictions...........

1. Ohio State vs USC will easily be the most hyped regular season game this year. Perhaps ever, Gameday will be there, maybe even Sportscenter. It will be discussed into infinity in the week leading up to the game. And USC will win 38-17.

2. Both Bobby Bowden and Joe Paterno will call it quits after this season.

3. Nebraska and Miami will both show signs of becoming powers again, but neither will finish better than 9-4.

4. SEC fans will continue their chant of Big 10 bias on ABC despite the fact they're the most talked about conference.

5. Armanti Edwards will have a great game vs LSU and will be a dark horse Heisman candidate.

6. Phil Fulmer will also retire, and perhaps Spurrier along with him.

7. Navy will not skip a beat without Paul Johnson.

8. Notre Dame begins its long journey to reclaiming its dignity and goes 8-4.

9. Michael Crabtree, WR-Texas Tech, will break at least one major season receiving record this season.

10. The Alabama faithful will begin to wonder its 4 million dollar investment in Nick Saban.