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Quick Bytes: Monday Morning means Money edition

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Quick Bytes: The daily digest of everything you need to know about the Jacksonville Jaguars (and other things).

Holy Smokes, how things change in a week.  First off, hats off to all the great fanposts and comments happening on the site recently.  I love it.  I apologize for my relative absence, I was on an extended family vacation and was distracted by beaches, sunshine, and fresh seafood.  It won't happen again.

Now I can tell you that your humble narrator (me) is moving to Florida in a few days.  Because of that, things might be hectic here for just a little while longer.  But have no fear, Big Cat Country is going through it's usual preseason bumps, and we'll be in season form in no time.

On to the stories!

: Mike Peterson is the only Jaguar of note that is playing on the last year of his contract.  He's angry about it, but in all the right ways:

After a big play during a training camp practice last week, Peterson reportedly screamed as he left the field, "I hope somebody's watching the film."

If Mike Peterson stays healthy and dominates the game like he has shown in the past, then by all means pay him a big fat contract.  He's an emotional leader on the field and deserves to be rewarded.  That said, if Mike Peterson spends the end of another season on the sideline due to an injury, I'd be hard pressed to stroke a big check with the talent that's behind him.  The Jaguars have four outstanding linebackers, in 2009, Mike might be the odd man out.

: Matt Jones is doing very well.  It's a good thing, because his future is on the line.  Have you ever seen a player have so much good luck after such a terrible smear on his career?  A month ago we were assuming he was the longest of long shots, now he's almost untouchable due to the injuries at receiver. 

: Uh oh, the hype is growing.  New Jersey is on to the Jaguars as a Super Bowl Contender...

: The Cincinnati Bengals are not very happy with the Jaguars right now, Keith Rivers isn't signing until the slotting process is completed by Derrick Harvey. 

: Is Fred Taylor a Hall of Famer?  Pete Prisco thinks he could be there.  Big Cat Country firmly believes that there is a trip to Canton in the future for Fred.  Remember, only Jim Brown and Barry Sanders have rushed for more yards per carry.  Fred's in, in my opinion, if he can get another 1500 or so yards over the next two seasons, that or a dramatic playoff performance/Super Bowl.


We've got some big stories in the works.  Derrick Harvey will be addressed, some roster predictions, some training camp news, and of course, more of FBT's fantastic practice reports.

Stay Tuned!