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Training Camp Injury Report: Anthony Cotrone to Injured Reserve

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Jacksonville Jaguars fullback Anthony Cotrone will be placed on the Injured Reserve list according to Michael Wright of the Florida Times-Union.  Cotrone was injured in Friday's scrimmage that brings to an end a promising camp for the undrafted free agent from the University of Maine.

Wright On:

Jaguars fullback Anthony Cotrone will go on the injured reserve sometime Monday after tearing his left ACL on Friday in the club’s scrimmage


The club anticipates filling Cotrone’s roster spot with tight end Isaac Smolko, who spent eight weeks on the practice squad last season before being placed on the active roster last November. The club cut ties with Smolko on June 16

Anthony was the subject of a bit of a hype fest, Vic Ketchman, our friend at, was very high on his performance, both as a hard-hitting "flat-headed" fullback, and also for his 100% catching percentage during camp.  With Greg Jones as the Jaguars running back in waiting, Cotrone would have been a more pure style blocking back.

This is now moot, as Monday will have Cotrone be the first of the 2008 Jacksonville Jaguars to find himself on the injured reserve list.

Other Injury News:

Brad Meester will not be placed on IR, rather his roster spot will be held until his return, sometime before week 4 or 5, according to Jack Del Rio.  This is a bad sign for Drew Miller, who seemingly had a chance to sneak onto the roster, but is now a likely member of the practice squad.  Miller's performance during the Oklahoma was outstanding, though he's left something to be desired during practice.

Reggie Williams had his cleanout surgery and will return in 2 or 3 weeks.