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Defensive End James Wyche out with ACL Tear

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James Wyche: Another one bites the dust...

The Jaguars have yet another injury that is knocking a young promising player out of action for the entire season.  First it was Fullback Anthony Cotrone, now it's Defensive End James Wyche.  James, as you might have heard, was having a fantastic camp.  His performance is one of the many factors that makes the Jaguars hold such a strong position over Derrick Harvey as the DE corps was holding its own.  Wyche would have probably been the 5th DE on the depth chart behind Spicer, Hayward, Groves, and Harvey, but his performance was starting to turn some heads.

Now Wyche will spend his second season on Injured Reserve, this time with a torn Achillies Tendon, an injury which we know can take two years to recover from.  The "Jar on the Shelf" of Wyche is quicking turning into an injury nightmare.

The Jaguars will have to sign a DE to replace him as a camp body, but the biggest "winner" in this situation is Derrick Harvey, who is now needed on the field as quickly as possible to fill out the DE group.  Kenny Pettway and Undrafted Free Agent Alex Boston also add a few more reps to their resume, with long shots becoming slightly more favored to win a role.

The Jaguars are begining to fail the "stay healthy" part of training camp.  This concerns me greatly.