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Filed under: New OL Scouting Reports Are Up

There are 4 new offensive linemen who now call Jacksonville home and the team's official scouting reports are now available for each one. Charles Spencer has the most potential of all the new linemen the Jags' signed, while Todd Wade and Milford Brown both seem to be grinders who are expected to improve the run game. I'd expect Tutan Reyes to be a backup and either Todd Wade or Milford Brown to replace him at guard. I'd give a slight edge to Brown because he's got more experience playing guard than does Wade, who's been a Tackle most of his career.

I think the team has been pleased with Uche Nwaneri's progress from last season to now. I expect him to continue to be a starter ( I may be wrong though) and we may not see too much of a drop-off between he and Mo' Williams. One thing is certain, he's no Manuwai. The real proof of how highly the Jags think of Uche won't manifest until Meester comes back and Dennis Norman inevitably shifts to one of the guard positions. If Uche remains in the starting line-up over the veteran talent we've just signed, then it shows that the Jags are more than pleased with his progress. The next few games will be crucial for Uche.

Charles Spencer, as I hinted at earlier, may be more than just a stop-gap solution. He's only a third year pro and showed flashes of greatness in his rookie season with the Texans where he established himself as the de-facto left tackle early on, although that was prior to having his rookie season cut short by a broken leg. If he can regain his form, show he's durable, and impress Andy Heck (O-line Coach) he may be here next year.

Below I've linked to the official scouting report for each new linemen.

Charles Spencer

Chad Slaughter

Milford Brown

Todd Wade