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Game Preview: Buffalo Bills at Jacksonville Jaguars

Buffalo_bills_logo_medium                             Jacksonville-jaguars-helmet_medium

Where: Jacksonville Municipal Stadium, Jacksonville, FL

Kickoff/TV: 1pm CBS

Weather Forecast: 94 degrees with humidity with light wind

Last meeting: Week 12 2007 Jaguars 36 Bills 14

So week one didn't go as well as we hoped. On the bright side we have our home opener that isn't blacked out. Buffalo is coming in here after a big win that puts them in the mix in a suddenly Tom Brady-less AFC East. Though the score seems like the Jaguars blew out the Bills last year, entering the 4th Qt is was only 19-14 Jaguars. How will the teams do this year?

What to watch for: Jacksonville Jaguars

1. Offensive Line: I was thinking of filing this under the "Duh" column but it does start here. We saw what happened last week with the lack of the O-line. With Marcus Stroud coming back and looking to make an impact, it is imperative that we have a solid performance from the group.

2. Running Game: Going back to the playoff game against Pittsburgh, the running game has been virtually non-existant. If the O-line can hold its own, we need to get a big day out of Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew.

3. David Garrard: He made several careless throws he didn't make last season. Was it because he was under constant pressure or is it part of a larger trend?

4. Derrick Harvey and Quentin Groves: Outside of a good pick by Harvey, they were nonexistant against Tennessee. Can they make a big play happen this week?

What to watch for: Buffalo Bills

1. Marshawn Lynch: The 2nd year back is looking to become a force in the NFL. Will the Bills spread the field as the Titans to try and get Lynch holes. As he goes so does the Bills offense.

2. Marcus Stroud: You can bet he'll be wanting to make an impact on his homecoming. While I wish him the best of luck usually, not this time.

3. Roscoe Parrish: A dangerous punt returner, the reason we were still in the game last week was because of strong special teams play. We will need another good showing this week to avoid a cheap touchdown.

4. Possible letdown: Following a win over Seattle, could the Bills read abit too much of their press clippings?


Prediction: Jaguars 23 Bills 17