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Jacksonville Jaguars fall to Buffalo Bills: Opening the Season 0-2...

And then depression set in.  The Jacksonville Jaguars fell to the upstart Buffalo Billis in one of the ugliest games I've seen in recent memory.  David Garrard threw interceptions, the defense let up the big play, and our ground game still sputtered.

The problems facing the Jaguars as we go into our week of hate/Indianapolis game are long and distinguished.  The offensive line is still a problem, the running game is still tough to get going, and the wide receivers are still decimated by injury.

There were a few high marks.  Quentin Groves forced a fumble, which was nice.  Josh Scobee kept the Jaguars alive with some long field goals, which was also helpful.

But for now, I sit here wondering how we've dropped two games this season with the pressure of our opening schedule.  The Jaguars now go to Indianpolis, a place they rarely win, and face a must win situation.

Rough Stuff.

Please go to Buffalo Rumblings and congratulate the Bills on being 2-0 and being the upstart team of the season (so far)