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Jags-Bills Post Mortem

Oh where to begin, where to begin? Trent Edwards 80% completion rate? Not turning the onside recovery or the fumble recovery into a touchdown? The running game's resurgence only to disappear either through coaching or execution late?

This was supposed to be the game that got the Jaguars back on their path to Tampa. This was a game the Jaguars have typically won. A team from the North coming down to Florida on a hot September day was supposed to wilt. It looked that way to start the 2nd half. The Jaguars turned a 10-3 Bills lead to a 13-10 Jaguars lead. A Trent Edwards fumble seemed to be the beginning of a "Knock Out Punch" for the Jaguars. Matt Jones got his hand on a ball that would have made it 20-10 but couldn't hold on. Following a Scobee FG, it seemed like the Jags were the ones wilting.

Trent Edwards was 20-25 for 239 and completed his first ten passes. Mathis hasn't been close to his 06 form and like most recent losses, every defensive series can best be summed up with stuffing the run and giving a QB all the time he needs.

Following this week I'm sure San Diego is licking their chops. Indy escaped Minnesota, we look like a team that needs a top 10 draft pick, not a Super Bowl run, and NE won't be the same team without Brady.

I'm not hitting the panic button just yet, but I'm getting close. A win over Indy will settle a lot, but thats not as easy as it sounds.