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Jacksonville Jaguars (re)Signing: Guard Chris Naoele returns to the team


Sure he's Older and coming off an injury, but Chris Naoele knows the System

The Jacksonville Jaguars have re-signed offensive guard Chris Naoele to the roster today in order to address the continuing problems on the offensive line.  Naoele spent 8 games on the Jaguars injured reserve last season after tearing his quadriceps tendon.  This injury is fairly severe, but according to Jack Del Rio, the team was monitoring his situation closely:

"We actually had Chris in for a workout today. We've been monitoring that situation... and you know he's gotten himself back to where he's just about ready to get back to action... so we had him for a look today and hopefully we can get something worked out where he's able to join the Jaguars in the near future."

I don't know if Naoele is the answer at right guard, but he's spent time in our system and if he's in good enough shape, he can help add some stability to the inside of our offensive line.  At this point, I'm up for anything as far as fixing our running game, and if Naoele looks good enough after his surgery and recovery to have a spot on the active roster, than so be it.

There were some moves on the Practice Squad as well, Linebacker Lamar Myles, a friend of Big Cat Country, was signed to the PS along with Wide Receiver D'Juan Woods.  Andrew Carnahan was cut from the squad as well.