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Monday Morning Coming Down: Jaguars win, Colts lose, and all is well

It's remarkable how a victory over a hated rival can change the tone of the season. Suddenly our offensive line dosen't look so bad, Matt Jones gets the job done as the leading reciever, and the Jaguars walk away with a win in very unfavorable territory.

Though let's not get too cocky, the Jaguars had some lucky breaks go there way. While I contend that the 4th down pass interference call was correct, Bill Polian and company will probably make a different arguement. When they watch the game tape of that play, they'll see Reggie Williams do to the Colts as they often do to Jacksonville, and that's pulling a pick on a linebacker and drawing the pass interference flag. It hurts because it's straight out of the Colts playbook. As Matt Snyder of Fanhouse says, " Advantage gained = pass interference. Every day of the week."

But, at the same time, a win is a win. It had moments of greatness that reminded me of last season, especially the 12 minute drive that broke the back of the Colts defense. No matter how much complaining we hear about the pass interference call, the 230 rushing yards and the 42 minute time of possession should say all we need to say about the game.

Game Balls: Who stood out?

Maurice Jones-Drew: He asked for more carries and he delivered. I was made uncomfortable when he came out and announced that he wanted more touches, but in this case MJD did just fine. Of his 19 carries, 17 were the right-up-the-middle, punch a team in the gut, run till they fall apart type. It was a classic return to form for the Jaguars and something we can look forward to as we move into the second start to our season. He gets a game ball for backing up his talk, his 107 yards, and his touchdown.

Josh Scobee: 51 yard field goal to win the game and save the season. Need I say more?

The Offensive Line: They allowed 0 sacks, opened up rush lanes for 236 yards, and announced to the world that the struggles with our guards is behind us. The line will only get better as Brad Meester prepares to return over the next few weeks. If you liked what we did on the ground against Indianapolis, just wait till October.

What went wrong: No Passing

The Jaguars have no passing offense. Matt Jones proved that he could get a first down when needed, but the Jaguars are going to find themselves with a very short field if they don't get Jerry Porter, Troy Williamson, and Mike Walker involved in stretching the field. Having our offensive line return to form is step one, step two has to be drawing a safety deep to cover SOMEBODY. Give the Jaguars 7 men in the box and they win, I guarantee it.

I've got some worries about the run defense as well, but when it came down to it, the defense made plays when it needed to. With the exception of the miracle drive by Manning in the 4th quarter, that was a charlie foxtrot of poor play calling (no prevent) and poor execution. That can never, ever, ever happen again.

I'm going to attempt to break down the film today and get a better look at who stood out, especially on the offensive line.