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Deep Thoughts: Jacksonville Jaguars versus Houston Texans

I find myself amused that last Sunday I was rooting like hell for the Texans to beat the Titans.  This week, I'll be salivating at sacking the Schaub while keeping a close eye on the Minnesota Vikings as they take on the Titans.

Meanwhile, the Colts are so far in the back of my mind it's not like they're even playing this week.

Oh yeah, it's their bye week.

Anyhow, before we get into all the matchups and continue our "Porter Watch", I'd like to call your attention to our friends over at Battle Red Blog. With the recent hurricane in Houston many of their writers and a whole slew of their fans have had their lives turned upside down.  As Floridians, we can all understand what it feels like to have mother nature give a nasty surprise.  So when we're rooting for our Jaguars, remember that for Houston, the Texans are a nice escape from an unpleasant reality.