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Game Preview: Houston Texans at Jacksonville Jaguars

Houston-texans-helmet-2                             Jacksonville-jaguars-helmet_medium

Where: "The Jack" Jacksonville Municipal Stadium Jacksonville, Florida

When/TV: 1pm CBS

Forecast: 90 degrees at kickoff, 10% chance of rain

We have conquered the dragon that is the Indianapolis Colts for the first win of the year. If the Colts are our dragon, the Texans are the Jaguars little troll. Every year we should beat them easily and yet, they always manage to get us. There is no better example of this than the 2005 home closer where we were shut out following a thrilling win at Green Bay that ended up costing us a playoff spot. Is as David Garrard said, the 9000 lb Gorilla off the team's back?

Things to Watch For: Jacksonville Jaguars

1. David Garrard: We finally say some of the brilliance that was David Garrard a year ago. He was effecient and made all the plays that were needed to win. Hopefully he'll continue to do that.

2. The running game: Well I'll be, the Jaguars figured out how to run the ball against Indy. Was this because Bob Sanders was out or the offensive line is gelling?

3. The Defense: 3 weeks in a row, the defense has been handed a 4th quarter lead, and only has Josh Scobee to thank that the team isn't 0-3. Are the days of a dominant defense for the most part over in Jacksonville?

4. Jerry Porter: Maybe, just MAYBE we finally see him in action?

5. Special Teams: So far they have had a good year overall, need to keep it up.

Things to Watch for: Houston Texans

1. Matt Schaub: Schaub cost the Texans a pretty penny for their hopefully new franchise QB. While he has yet to get a "signature win" it seems the Texans are more competitive with him behind center than David Carr. Then again maybe its cause Schaub has more than a millisecond to throw the ball.

2. Andre Johnson: The 2nd part of the Texans offensive puzzle. He has consistently been one of the top WRs in the NFL. The way the Jags secondary looked at times against Indy has me worried.

3. Steve Slaton: This guy gave me fits every year in NCAA Football and looks to be another one of the rookie running backs making their mark on the NFL. He had a down year at West Virginia and the Texans may have gotten the steal of the draft with him.

4. Duanta Robinson, or rather his absence: How will that affect the Texan's secondary? If Porter does make his debut as a Jaguar, will the Jags try to attack a severely weaken Texan defense?


Player to Watch: Mario Williams. So how about all of those draft Reggie Bush or Vince Young movements? Williams has become one of the top pass rushers in the AFC and he be a key factor in the game. If the Jags are successful at keeping Garrard upright and getting holes for Taylor and MJD we should be 2-2 and back in the division hunt.


Prediction: The Texans always love to spoil our party and they will get their chance at that on Monday Night Football in December. But not Sunday.

Jaguars 27 Texans 17


On a personal note: I am sorry for not posting anything substantive in awhile and  only posting here when not in the best mindset. Family matters and my own personal demons have a way to rear their ugly head from time to time. To everyone at BCC and especially Chris and Collin, Sorry.