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Houston Texans vs. Jacksonville Jaguars: Final Game Preview

Houston-texans-helmet-2       VERSUS           Jacksonville-jaguars-helmet_medium


Sunday morning just might be my favorite part of the week.  Work dosen't start till later (yes, I work 7 days a week), I get to nurse whatever hangover I picked up from the night before and lounge around a little bit.  The house is quiet, real life feels like it is a million miles away, and for a hour or two I can sit around and think.  Not all of my thoughts wander to football, but on this Sunday Morning I'm hung up on one thing.

Jerry Porter.

I remember being at the NFL Combine and talking to a reporter with the Times-Union about the Jaguars situation at wide receiver.  I prodded him about free agency, who was available, and what the team thought of perhaps draftng another wideout in the first round.  He told me that the Jaguars were going to make a "big splash" in free agency, they'd do something that would fix their woes with pass-catchers.

Jerry Porter.

He was to be the missing piece.  The deep threat that drew the safety out of the box and opened up running lanes for the backs.  He was the guy that would develop into David Garrard's best friend in the passing game.  Then he hurt his hamstring, the Jaguars offensive line was mauled, and the best thing they can do is run the ball three times in a row on any particular offensive series and hope for the best.  Matt Jones is the only receiver who's had any sort impact and even that's only been in brief flashes.  Even David Garrard is a little shaken up right now with the passing attack.

Jerry Porter, in a perfect world, helps Garrard to relax.  He becomes the guy that allows David to throw to with confidence.  Confidence will put Garrard  into the top tier of (the remaining) AFC Quaterbacks.  He knows he can stand in the pocket behind the rebuilt offensive line, now he needs to know that when he throws the ball that someone will be there to catch it.

Now, I don't thnk Porter rights the offensive ship in one game.  In fact, Jack Del Rio might be screwing with us a bit by marking him probable.  We might find out in two hours that he's the Third Quarterback today and it's another day of run, run, run.  And I'd be OK with it.

But against Houston, at home, with a chance to be 2 and 2 in the standings, 2-1 in the division, if the Jaguars are on their a-game, it'll be a sight to see. 

Jerry Porter.

Did we overspend?  Is he a malcontent that writes checks with his mouth that his body can't cash?  Is he the victim of the nonsense in Oakland?

We'll see today, that's for sure.

As usual, pay attention to the fine folks at Battle Red Blog.  They're good people.  I'm not sure yet where I'll be at gametime, hopefully watching on my computer, but work might put me in the field.  Either way, there will be an open thread and I encourage you to join us.