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Texans-Jaguars Postmortem

The Jaguars follow up a big win in Indy with their first win at home this season. A thrilling 30-27 overtime win over the Houston Texans gave us both reasons to be optimistic and pessimistic about the season.

1. David Garrard refuses to lose. His scrambles on 3rd and 4th down lead this team to the win. He is the Offensive MVP and the reason we are 2-2 and not 0-4.

2. The defense is a shell of their former selves. For those counting at home, this defense has now been handed 4 4th quarter leads, and have promptly let the opposing team score on the ensuing possession. Whether its the scheme, the players, or what something needs to change.

3. Josh Scobee is money.

4. Where were you, Jerry Porter?

5. Matt Jones is playing the best I've seen him in a Jaguars uniform.