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Weekend Picks: Blogger Deathmatch!

I'm terrible at picking games and even worse against the spread.  Therefore you don't hear a lot of talk about me betting on games, not that I'd ever partake in illegal activity like that.  But that won't stop me from joining with some of my favorite bloggers to see who is the master and champion of picks.  The real reason why I'm so bad at picking is that I often introduce irrational bias into the selection, which is always bad when money is on the line.

These are my compatriots in the Blogger Deathmatch!

-Ben Folsom, The Curly R
-Will Allensworth, Hogs Haven
-TexSkins, Hogs Haven
-Dagger, Post Game Heroes
-Brian Hunter, Common Prejudice NFL
-Michael Bean, Behind the Steel Curtain
-Derek, Iggles Blog
-River City Rage, Big Cat Country
-Gamecocker, Horseshoe Digest

The point spreads are taken from Yahoo! on Wednesday afternoon, so everyone is basing their picks on the same thing.  With that, here are my picks for the first week of the 2008 NFL regular season.  Winners will be in bold.  I'll also be editing this post so that I can include the rest of my picks before the weekend.  By our rules, the only one that HAS to be up tonight is for the season opener.

Thursday, 4 September

Washington at New York Football Giants (-3.5)

Sunday, 7 September

Arizona (-2.5) at San Francisco

Seattle at Buffalo (-1)

Cincinnati (-1) at Baltimore

Dallas (-5.5) at Cleveland

Detroit (-3) at Atlanta

Chicago at Indianapolis (-9.5)

Jacksonville (-3) at Tennessee

Kansas City at New England (off the board - pick 'em)

Tampa Bay at New Orleans (-3)

New York Jets (-3) at Miami

St. Louis at Philadelphia (-7.5)

Houston at Pittsburgh (-6.5)

Carolina at San Diego (-9)

Monday, 8 September

Denver (-3) at Oakland

Minnesota at Green Bay (-2.5)

Feel free to mock me in the Comments!