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Random Comments

(Note: I have had over the course of the last 12 hours atleast a dozen shots, 2 pitchers worth of beer, and other mixed drinks, blame all irrational thoughts and typos on that, good day)

First on the matter of BYU-Washington. While I think the call is mute as the kicked was blocked, the call itself was BS to its highest degree. If this is how anti-celebration rules are now going to be enforced, prepare for a season of drama in close games. I saw the play and thats a reaction anybody does from Pop Warner all the way to the NFL. In an environment when even you tackle somebody for only a 2 yard gain and a player throws up some kind of symbol, and a guy throws the ball into the air gets a 15 yard penalty for taunting is BS.


Second, support Sailor Jerry. Those who say he's Captain Morgan's cheaper, evil brother are simply idiots.

Third, I really believe following this year the league will make some rule where the 4 and 5 seeds can flip home field. While I understand it will undermine the division concept, isn't an automatic playoff birth regardless incentive enough?

Fourth, PS3 is better than Xbox 360. Gears 2 looks like a shiner version of 1 and Fable 2 will ultimately disappoint like any every other game made by that studio. Compare that to Little Big Planet's level creator or Resistance 2's 60 player online(Which I was part of the Beta).

Fifth, the Tallahassee station director is apparently an idiot or fanboy by putting the Dolphins game on as I understand it. Ohwell drinking pitchers of beer with friends and shameless flirting with the Hooters reject waitresses at BW3's isn;t a bad alternative.

Finally, support Queens of the Stone Age. If one band can epitomize sex, drugs, and Rock and Roll, its them.