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Jacksonville Jaguars v. Tennessee Titans: Live Blog/Open Thread

Greetings! I am the Live Blog Thread, filling in for Chris, who's unable to find internet. So he invited me to run the Live Blog for the Jaguars/Titans game today. Have no fear, Chris wouldn't have put me in charge if he didn't trust my passionate Jaguars fanhood and an ability to offer quick-hit commentary with a sarcastic slant.

We're less than an hour away from Kickoff, which means we should have our inactives. Let's see who's not playing today.

Jaguars Inactives:

Brad Meester, Derek Landri, Jerry Porter, Scott Starks, Charles Spencer, Chauncey Washington, Isaiah Gardner and Mike Walker.

We knew Porter would be sitting, that's not surprising, but Mike Walker seems to be something to note. Derek Landri needs to get better soon.

Titans Inactives:

Reynaldo Hill, Quinton Ganther, Chris Henry, Stanford Keglar, Mike Otto, Dwayne Blakley, Lavelle Hawkins and William Hayes.

Damn, no Vince Young. Not that there was any doubt that he'd play, but I'm not above rooting for decent players to spend the game sitting on the sideline. Realistically, I'd rather have Albert Haynesworth sitting out than VY, but now we're talking fantasy nonsense.

Your Turn:

This is a live blog. But not like the "Cover it Live" live blogs of years past. No, this fancy SB Nation 2.0 has something called Ajax, which makes the comments act much like the CiL software. So make some comments, offer some commentary, and make fun of the people around you (like where I'm sitting) wearing rediculous jerseys.

-Live Blog Thread